Monday, May 4, 2009

Healthier Options: Protein Snacks

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Satisfy your hunger through-out your day and feel energized with a range of protein-powered snacks!

Protein Helps Control appetite and maintains a lean body mass. In higher-protein diets, when combined with exercise, dieters tend to lose fat rather than muscle.

Protein Bar Deluxe-(14 bars per box; $26.82CND):
Rich, chewy bars to satisfy hunger and sustain your energy.
Helps maintain lean muscle.
10g healthy protein.
No aritifical sweeteners and just 140 calories per bar.
Comes in three delicious flavours: Choclate Peanut; Vanilla Almond; Citrus Lemon.

Protein Bar-(14 bars per box; $21.75CND):
12g of healthy soy and whey protein blend.
Helps sustain energy and control appetite.
Ideal for an active lifestyle.
Comes in one flavour: Chocolate Coconut.

Beverage Mix- (7 packets per box; $14.00CND):
Boost your energy while satisfying hunger between meals.
15 grams of high quality whey protein.
Only 70 calories
Comes in Peach Mango.

Protein Drink Mix- (14 packets per box-$39.95 or 504g Canister - $42.25CND):
15g of heart-healthy soy protein.
Just 6 to 7 carbs per serving.
Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate.
Soup Mix- (7 packets per box; $14.00):
Instant, nutritious and satisfying.
16g of protein and Just 70 calories.
Chicken flavoured.

Free Samples and Nutritional Labels for all our products are available upon request!

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